The Branding and Design Process

We all know first impressions matter, right? What's the first thing people see in your business?

A brand is much more than a color palette and a font. It incorporates the entire feeling of your brand. It's all that heart and soul you put into your business wrapped up into cohesive looks and styles. That's nothing to take lightly!

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Starting the Process

Once you choose your dream experience, you'll receive a client service contract and invoice for 50% of your total package cost. Each package is divided into two equal payments.

Before we start the design aspect, you'll receive a worksheet to fill out. You'll be asked about your vision for your brand and logo designs. You'll talk about the message behind your business and the clients you want to draw in.

I'll develop a mood board based on your worksheet and you'll be able to see it all start to come together. From there, we'll work on your designs.

You'll receive a main logo design, two alternate logos, and watermarks in all of your branding colors, as well as black and white. You'll receive the PNG files, font files, and specific color properties so that you can implement your brand across all avenues of your business. 

If your package includes information templates or marketing pieces, we'll talk about what your needs are for your clients and what you want to promote to potential clients.

If your package includes social media posts, we'll discuss what sorts of things you want to post to each of your social media accounts. We'll talk about specific images and products to use.

If your package includes a headshot session, we'll discuss style and accessory guidelines that best fit your brand. We'll also decide on a perfect location for the images and how best to use them in your marketing.

If you added website design to your package, we'll plan either an in person meeting (complete with coffee and yummy food!) or a phone call to talk about the basic layouts, copy, images, and more. We'll also decide which platform is right for you- whether that's ShowIt or Squarespace. When your final design files are sent to you, you'll also get the login information for your site along with an easy-to-use guide for basic site maintenance.

Sound good?